Gwen Claes

Welcome to my personal and simple website. On this website you can find some info and stuff i like.
I'm a guy living in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Together with my fiancee Naomi, i built a beautiful house, but google must update their pictures...

At the moment i'm almost 25y old, love Belgian beers, love to work and hang out with friends.

Where i Work

I did a lot of things during during my childhood, but what i do now i like the most. I'm a projectmanager/developer @ sanmax. I'm also a projectmanager for Appmax, this is a young company for app development that often works with sanmax. Both are located in Opglabbeek.
sanmax webdesign webdevelopment Opglabbeekappmax logo Opglabbeek

During the weekends i work sometimes for Stefan & Ann as a waiter, this was my first (student)job and i'm very grateful to them, that's one of the reasons i do the job still today.



In the year that I became 18 years old, i sat on an airplane for the first time. Therefore i only brought a visit to countries like:
Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain

Since that first time on an airplane, I am addicted to it and added the next countries to my list:
Turkey (coast region and Istanbul), USA - New-York, Egypt, Boa Vista, UK, Vietnam - Hanoi, Singapore, India - Chennai

Also visited some airports in Las Palmas, Bangkok and Doha.

Let's get social

I'm active on several social media platforms. Don't hesitate to follow/contact me.